Client Logos
Clients came in search of us with a desire to express their company and values. designed with their specific corporation or business in mind to better convey their ideals and their services. 
Auburn Antler Café (2020)
Designed for a fellow artist as a bit of a collaborate effort. He wanted a rustic style logo that featured a buck. I took that request and threw in the subtle imagery of a coffee cup formed in the curve of the antlers. The idea was to create the atmosphere of a comfort café buried in the North American forest that serves up home baked pastries, warm fresh roasted coffee, and a pleasant smile from every barista there. 
Batten's Better Buildings (2022)
Designed this logo as an upgrade to the original which was originally clip art of a carpenter. Using the idea of a house being constructed, making the name the walls of the structure to show that Batten's Better Builders is the foundation of construction. The business card of course containing several wood working elements that further tie into the theme.
Nightowl Express (2022)
Designed for a client in honor of his sister's wedding. With her love of owls and her husband's love of deiseal trains, my client wanted me to design a train logo in the style of art deco. Originally, the design was going to have the owl and the train split down the middle to make a sort of face but I drafted the logo you see before you while coming up with other ideas. 
VULPINE Logos (concepts)
A world as complex and unique as the one in the VULPINE book series requires some companies to make the world feel lived in. These logos helps give those companies a sense of realism.
Madam Ava's Neon Sonata Night Club (2019)
A popular night club owned and operated by Madame Ava that is all about that 80's vibe. Some things it includes is a fully stocked bar, several shows, private sleeping rooms, and of course a large dance floor with a live DJ headlining every night. With all this fun in one location the logo needed to capture the feeling of the place and the name with that retro feeling the club provides.
Swiftrunner (2019)
A fitness clothing brand that sells all types of sporting equipment from shoes to clothing.  Being seen as a slightly high-end brand and sponsor a lot of athletes and events, not unlike Nike or Under Armour.
Armored Capital (2019)
A monetary protection company that makes all things bank security related; from vaults, to store boxes, to armored vans. They make sure your money is safe from those that would desire to steal it.
R.C. Motors (2019)
A self driving luxury car company that is used as a private taxi service like Uber. Expensive cars can be rented with just a tap of your phone and will arrive promptly to your location in a carefree and timely manner.
Tribune Medical (2019)
A medical/pharmaceutical corporation that prides itself on its advancement in genetic research through government funding. Like other labs, the logo is shown to be three figures united in a triangle pattern that shows strength and unity.
Farren Shipping Co. (2020)
One of the leaders in oceanic shipping from country to country. From large equipment to mass product shipments, Farren always makes sure the product arrives just as it was packaged. 
Lanngdon Robotics (2020)
A technology company that specializes in robotic prosthetics. After the Third World War the need for limb replacement was great and thus Lanngdon, which originally worked in android development, came to the rescue.
Harrison Williams Academy of Technology & Robotics (2022)
High level academy that focuses on the development of robotics and other advancements in technology. Most of their alumni end up working for companies like Langgdon Robotics.
Night Sky Guild (2022)
A confidential group that little is known about. As far as most know, the Night Sky Guild operates as a private security force. Only identified by their armored skirts and the badge-like emblems on their shoulders.

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