FurLife is a fictional magazine that exists in the VULPINE universe focusing on women’s fitness in this animal themed world. This was a fun little take on a project that I worked on for an assignment for school. Tasked with designing a front cover, back cover ad and two page spread. We got to design a magazine about any topic we wanted.
Cover Page
Since this was in the early year of 2020, the thoughts and excitement of the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo was heavy in the air. Thus, I decided to create a fitness magazine displaying one of my novels’ characters, Alexandria Ashton, as an up-and-coming star in the world of women’s fencing. With custom drawn artwork and photo manipulation to further add to the authenticity of its layout, this magazine spread shows my skill with large chunks of type as well as layout for advertising a striking front cover of a written work.
Two-Page Spread
​​​​​​​As stated on the cover, the two-page spread is the interview with Alexandria Ashton as she is excited that she has qualified for the 2020 Summer Olympic games in women's fencing. This was to test my skill of typography layout of massive amounts of text. While not perfect, I know now how to better display walls of text.
back Page Ad: Swiftrunners-4 Sneakers
With the magazine being one focused on women's fitness, the back page ad was a no brainer. A new series of athletic shoes being sold by the company Swiftrunner, which is a company that sponsors not only FurLife but also Alexandria's fencing carrier. 
Close up Gallery

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