A science fiction, military conspiracy thriller taking place on an alternate Earth where animals evolved before humans. Their society is similar but their tech has advanced beyond their means of regulation. War, terrorism, and combat abound inside the pages of these books as the team of VULPINE fight against the invasive, terrorist forces of Legion.
Concept of Design
The initial cover was designed using the logos of the members of the team overlayed on top of each other in a form of a topographical formation. The center holds the main emblem of the team, being that of a fox head marked with the letter 'V'. A crosshair marks the emblem's forehead showing the constant target on the team's back throughout the story. The back of the book uses the hooking header as a censor bar along the eyes of the fox giving it a sense of anonymity. 
Follow through the other books
Each book is designed with a logo symbolizing the main conflict of the book. All of them bare the same through line of the crosshair and the eye censor pairing with the same back cover format tie the novels together in a cohesive series.

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